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ITBC 22, (16-18 Aug 2022)

International Technology Business Conference (ITBC) 2022 was very successful event.

Experts from Technology and Academia from seven countries across the globe participated. We had healthy response from audience for interactive sessions.

The areas of discussions were:

Future Wireless Networks, Fintech Regulations, SMART Cities, Robotics & Automation, Zero Touch Warehousing, Human Problems in Technical teams, SMART Energy, Ethics in Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security.

Keynote message was delivered by Mr. Peter Allen who has served as President and CEO in key international technology organizations such as DragonWave Canada, Innovance Networks and also Vice President in Nortel Networks. The Chief Advisor of conference was Mr. Muhammad Afzal Malik who is a seasoned Senior technology leader having extensive experience with USEN global, DragonWave, NEC Corporation and Siemens. Speakers names and detailed can be seen in picture. The videos will also be added.

ITBC 22, (16-18 August 2022)


ITBC 21, (29-30 July 2021)

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